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Frequently asked questions

Is liftOS a browser?

liftOS is a productivity software and not a browser. However, liftOS can help you keep your browser tidy by organising your tools and links inside liftOS spaces to keep it structured and sorted.

Is liftOS a productivity software?

Yes, liftOS is an all-in-one productivity ecosystem. An open-ecosystem to help you operate your tools in harmony and break the silos at work while reducing context switches by organizing, finding and working with your tools from one place.  

Which external tools work inside of liftOS?

liftOS natively integrates with Google Workspace so you can use Sheets, Docs and Slides right inside of liftOS. Additionally, any tool that is embeddable works inside liftOS given. (Make sure the sharing settings are not set to private)

Is my data safe inside liftOS?

The privacy of your data is our top priority. All of your data inside liftOS is encrypted, and stored in AWS (Frankfurt) servers, we abide by the GDPR-regulations when handling your data.

liftOS vs Notion, which one should I use?

They are both great for different needs. Notion offers high customisation but can get too maintenance-heavy and crafting of pages takes unnecessary time. Another software Click-up has a learning curve and can be complicated to use for non-technical users. liftOS is easier to set-up and maintain than Notion and less complicated than Click-up. While offering an equally complete ecosystem with all-the tools built in to help you work.

Can I use liftOS with a group of people?

liftOS is built to be as a group. You can have upto 1000 people working in real-time inside liftOS. The built-in tools like Note and Todo are collaborative from day one as well as the ecosystem around it is built to be used with a large group of people simultaneously.

Where is liftOS heading?

We want to create an open productivity ecosystem where all the tools can be found and operated in one place and it's easy and productive to work with. Open means developers will be able to launch their tools inside liftOS. We are planning and preparing liftOS to become a platform where productivity apps, workflows and AI products can be built and shipped right inside the "lift Store". Our users will benefit from a broad productivity ecosystem where they can discover and use new tools with just a click without worrying about silos between the tools as we connect them under our UI and data infrastructure.

We are aiming to make liftOS a daily business-essential used by millions of organisations to teep organized and productive like never before.